The Ghost of Blackwood Hall

The Ghost of Blackwood Hall


When Mrs. Putney seeks Nancy Drew’s help in recovering her stolen jewelry, the search for the thieves takes the teen-age detective and her friends Bess and George to the colorful French Quarter of New Orleans. But the quest is hampered by the strange behavior of Mrs. Putney, and two young women who are being victimized by so-called spirits. How can Nancy fight these unseen perpetrators of a cruel hoax? And how can she help the gullible victims when the spirits warn them not to have anything to do with Nancy?


  • Author

    Carolyn Keene

  • Translation

    Irina Doronina

  • Editing

    Ûliâ Kopylova
    Nataliâ Fedorova
    Elena Kudiârova

  • Design

    Nataliâ Suškova

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  • Publisher

    AST Publishers LCC

  • Release Date

    July 19, 2020

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