Nancy Drew International

Hello there, Clue Crew!

Today our team is finally becoming Nancy Drew International and we're launching our pages in Multilanguage mode. As we promised, on VK and Telegram we will publish English and Ukrainian content in other addresses: it's @nancydrewglobal and But in old pages we're going to post in Russian and Kazakh languages. By the way, soon Kazakh language will switch to the Latin alphabet, but before that we'll use Cyrillic one. However, it doesn't mean that we're not able to use Latin Kazakh alphabet already 😄

In other social media we'll do a Multilanguage carousels, where we try to alternate languages situationally. Also, we decided to make our posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter mainly in new languages instead of Russian.

And we're almost ready to launch an international version of our website which isn't only supporting all of these four languages, but also regions. This feature will let you know more about the options of buying games or books based on your country and even more! ❤️

Ever yours,
“Nancy Drew International” Team